fivem container script


A container script is one kind of script that is frequently used in FiveM servers. An in-game object that players may interact with, such as a vehicle, storage container, or other object, can be created and managed using a script called a container script.

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A container script is a type of script commonly employed within FiveM servers. In-game objects that players can interact with, for example the vehicle or storage container or any other item, can be constructed and managed with a script referred to as the container script.

Features that let users use the containers, for example taking or removing items from storage containers or moving out and in the vehicle, are typically part of the script for the container. The script could also include options to let server administrators alter the way that the container operates like the capacity of the storage container or the speed of a vehicle’s handling 


  • Custom container size and weight
  • Ability to transfer ownership of containers
  • Locking containers with password (encrypted by bcrypt)
  • Container variant
  • Dynamic object loading
  • Little bit of admin control (WIP)
  • Container placer! (i don’t know what to call it!)


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fivem container scriptfivem container script