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The ESX Inventory | Fivem Cool Inventory Script V2 is an impressive addition to your gaming world, offering a wide range of features for an immersive experience. Take a look at what this script has to offer:

  • 1. Shops:
  • 2. Items:
  • 3. Stashes:
  • 4. Temporary Stashes:

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fivem inventory esx| Fivem Cool Inventory Script V2

Introducing the Fivem Beach Game, a thrilling addition to your gaming experience. This script, the ESX Inventory | Fivem Cool Inventory Script V2, brings many exciting features to your virtual world. Immerse yourself in various unique shops like 24/7, Ammunition, Liquor Stores, and Vending Machines, each tailored to enhance gameplay. With job-restricted shops and items, you can create a realistic Police Armoury experience. Define item prices and utilize different currencies, such as black money or poker chips. The script also offers versatile item use, including weapons, attachments, and durability. Take advantage of personal and job-restricted stashes, including a police evidence locker. Explore the Fivem Beach Game’s temporary stashes like dumpsters, drops, and unowned vehicles, with loot tables adding an element of surprise and discovery. Get ready for beach-themed adventures like never before with Fivem Beach Game!


Shops :
    • Creates different shops for 24/7 ammunition, Liquor Stores, Vending Machines, etc.
    • Job-restricted shops, such as a Police Armoury.
    • Items can be restricted to specific job grades and licenses.
    • Define the price for each item, and even allow different currencies (black money, poker chips, etc.).
Items :
    • Generic item data is shared between objects.
    • Specific data is stored per slot, with metadata to hold customer information.
    • Weapons, attachments, and durability.
    • Flexible item use allows for progress bars, server callbacks, and cancellation with simple functions and exports.
    • Support for items registered with ESX.
Stashes :
    • Server-side security prevents arbitrary access to any stash.
    • Support personal stashes, able to be opened with different identifiers.
    • Job-restricted stashes, as well as a police evidence locker.
    • Server exports allow for the registration of stashes from any resource (see here).
    • Access small stashes via containers, such as paper bags, from using an item.
    • Vehicle gloveboxes and trunks, for both owned and unowned.
Temporary stashes :
    • Dumpsters, drops, and non-player vehicles.
    • Loot tables allow users to find random items in dumpsters and unowned vehicles.
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