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NoPixel is a popular roleplaying server for the FiveM modification of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V). The phone system used in NoPixel is a custom version of the QB Phone system, which has been heavily modified to fit the unique needs of the script

The NoPixel phone system allows players to make phone calls, send text messages, take pictures, use a GPS system, access a contacts list, and more. It also includes features such as voicemail, missed call notifications, and call history logs.

The phone system is a crucial aspect of the roleplaying experience on NoPixel as it allows players to communicate with each other both in and out of character. It’s also used by the server’s police department to receive calls from civilians and dispatch officers to respond to emergencies.

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NoPixel is a renowned role-playing service for FiveM adaptation to the game Grand Theft Auto V. The server comes with its own scripts that are custom-made for it and features, such as telephone systems.

There is a NoPixel telephone system works identical in design to QB Phone system used in other FiveM servers. It lets players call other players and send text messages and use a range of game-specific features, including cameras, GPS system, and contacts list. However, the functions and capabilities provided by this NoPixel phone system might vary from those of other FiveM servers based on the scripts that are custom-made and modifications used by the servers’ administrators. 


allows players provide apps

  • camera
  • gallery with discord logs
  • Details app
  • contact app
  • call app
  • message app
  • ping app
  • mail app
  • advertising app
  • Twitterr app
  • vehicle app
  • debt app
  • wenmo app
  • documents app
  • house app
  • crypto app
  • job center app
  • employment app
  • LSBN app
  • Taxi app
  • Betting app
  • calculator app
  • Racing app
  • invoices app
  • Discord app

we are provide above all info app (some apps you need your self configuration) and if you have any questions then contact me

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fivem phone script qbcorefivem phone script qbcore