QBCore Car Jack Script


The script may include mechanics for players to either hotwire the vehicle or use lockpicking tools to gain access and start the stolen car.

Players can approach non-player character (NPC) or player-owned vehicles and initiate the car jacking process.

QBCore Car Jack Script is a feature in the QBCore framework for FiveM that allows players to interact with vehicles in the game world, specifically stealing or “jacking” them. This script enables players to engage in car theft activities within the game.

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QBCore Car Jack Script is a simple FiveM resource designed to allow the player to remove a player/NPC from the driver’s seat of a vehicle that fully utilizes the native GTA function and includes animations and synced window smash. The player must be wielding the Nightstick Weapon. (You can add/ change weapons inside the config).

Compatible with qtarget, ox_target and can also be used without any target system.
Currently supports framework is ESX and qbcore.

Preview video of QBCore Car Jack Script : 


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QBCore Car Jack ScriptQBCore Car Jack Script